YWAM Internacional

Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions dedicated to serving Jesus around the world. Also known as YWAM, we come together with a common purpose to know God and make Him known.

When we started in 1960, our main goal was to involve young people in missions. Today, we still focus on youth, and also involve people from 9 to 90 years old. We currently have tens of thousands of volunteers (called “YWAMers”) and work across thousands of teams and locations.

One of the joys of participating in YWAM is working with people from many nations. YWAM staff come from almost every country in the world, including places like Indonesia, Nepal, Mozambique and Colombia.

With more than 18,000 full-time volunteers and more than 1,200 job sites, YWAM has been training and mobilizing youth with missions for more than 60 years.

We invite you to join us! Discover how you can use your gifts and callings in the world of YWAM


Train and disciple with a biblical worldview. Create and develop ministries and projects that extend the Kingdom of God in the spheres of society.


Ministries and people trained with a biblical worldview, integrally influencing each area of ​​society, serving in Medellín and the nations.

What is YWAM Medellín?

YWAM Medellín was born as Enith Diaz heard the voice of God and decided to embrace the call to the city of Medellín, Colombia. Years later Jorge Colmenares and Paulo Fillion were also sent by God to Medellín. They had the vision of influencing the city ​​and nations by training young people; preparing them to make God known and establish his Kingdom in the sphere of society in which they operate or in the nation that God has placed in their hearts.

Throughout these almost 30 years, hundreds of students have passed through YWAM Medellín and have been restored. Some of them have been sent to nations, spheres of society, and many others have decided to become full time missionaries. In this way, they are giving back what they themselves received in grace. In recent years we have been experiencing marked growth in both the number of students, schools, and ministries in our base,. This is thanks to obeying God's voice and walking in perseverance.


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