We want to see a Bible in every home, in the language of your heart and in a medium you can understand.

We recognize that there are families in Antioquia that still do not have access to the word of God, which is why we are in charge of praying to God, translating if necessary, producing biblical material, distributing it to families that need it and educating so that the Bibles are used in the correct way. All this in unity with the Local church in Medellín and Antioquia.


This ministry focused on the arts has the mission of establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth through the art that we can develop, being able to bring transformation from within the spheres of society with the truth of God.


We are a network of people who speak the truth and defend family, freedom and life from conception to natural death based on a Biblical worldview, through 3 approaches:

1. Training: We provide necessary and basic tools to train people in relation to defense of life and family based on the Biblical worldview. (Virtual School, conferences, seminars, camps, forums)

2. Reform: All the practical actions of YWAM pro-life to seek reform in society for the defense of life. (Public interventions, marches, help for women with crisis pregnancies, support for foundations, prayer, evangelism)

3. Communications: these are all the channels we have to inform and encourage people to speak the truth and defend life and family. (Social networks, web pages, media)


Libertad Publishing House is a ministry of Youth With A Mission; Our purpose is to publish written material on government, education, economics, and family from a biblical perspective that helps people and nations live in freedom.


FilmCom Studios is a commercial audiovisual production company, which seeks to make connections with other production companies and other audiovisual filmmakers in order to also be salt and light in this industry in the city of Medellín.


We are a Youth Ministry with a Mission that encompasses a kingdom lifestyle, which is based on family.

Our purpose is to mobilize, equip, reach, and care for children, youth and families, knowing God, bringing joy and making him and his kingdom known.


We are a ministry that seeks to provide tools to university students and professionals so that they can glorify and worship God in the areas of society. Our mission is to rescue college youth, providing a foundation of biblical worldview to guide their lives. As well as mobilizing students to be transformative leaders in areas of society.


The BWAM Colombia network was born from the need to train Christian businessmen and entrepreneurs about the biblical truth of business, and with the intention of impacting the nation through purpose-driven businesses. Our network is nurtured and managed by BWAM Colombia staff, and was created with the purpose of training, providing useful tools and instructing businessmen and entrepreneurs in Colombia in the biblical worldview.


We are a ministry of YWAM Medellín, focused on working with those most in need. Among the different projects we have are my dream house, humanitarian commission, bread for life, among others.